Saturday, October 10, 2009

Let's Give Him the Heisman Trophy Too!

When I first heard that President Obama had "won" the Nobel Peace Prize, my first reaction was "what for?". Although I still haven't figured that out other than he isn't G.W. Bush, I didn't take exception in the least. Let's hope that he is winning in advance for a bunch of stuff that a clairvoiant Nobel committee already knows about. Add Image

Anyway, I came accross a blog that advocates voting Barack Obama for the Heisman Trophy. Apparently, the award's sponsor gets to cast a vote so the fine folks at Nissan are letting the public vote on who gets their vote. I supose that the President couldn't be a worse choice than Gino Torretta was, so I went ahead and wrote the President in! Wouldn't it be great if he won? Maybe he could do that Heisman pose like Desmond Howard. This may very well be the only time that I ever cast a vote for the guy and I would implore you to vote here as well - Citizen Zane

1 comment:

  1. I voted! When he wins the Heisman Trophy we can send him up to Bear Mountain... for a picnic.