Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Serving the Public at any Cost - Our Hero!

So here I am driving to LaGuardia airport last night to catch a flight to Ohio for business and I hear the news that one of our most distinguished gentleman, Arlen Specter, is switching parties to join the Democrats.

Under normal circumstances, I would pat him on his pointy head and say knock yourself out. However, this time, I can only think what a disaster it will be if the Democrats get his vote to ram more ridiculous spending through the House. So what great ideological epiphany struck our fair friend from Pennsylvania and caused him to find uhm uhm...well, same difference. What injustice is he rising up to fight? Certainly, there is a noble cause for this about face, isn't there? Turns out, that it was because he was going to lose in the Republican primary next year and get his sorry self tossed out of Congress. He likes his chances to win election next year as a Democrat so he is giving the big F-U to his Republican constituents who voted him in.

Do you know what this means? It means that he is willing to sell his soul to the um...Nancy well, same difference to get reelected! That's it folks, the 79 year old man of honor just wants to keep his job in Congress. Must be a pretty good job, since he has such a fat Congressional pension waiting for him that for at least one American (him), unemployment ain't so bad. Who knows? Maybe Congress woulda voted him a tax break too.

Anyway, here is exhibit A on why these refugees from the slime pit ALL need to get voted out. They have absolutely no concern for anyone but themselves. Its all about ME. Sure Mr. President, I will bend over for you, Harry, and Nancy to get another term here being Mr. Big Shot in Congress and all of the perks that go with it. Public servant my ass! Self servants the lot of them. Grab your pitchforks and torches, its time to march - Citizen Zane

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where Did the Outrage Go?

It wasn't so long ago that it seemed like everybody was jumping all over former President Alfred E. Bush for running up huge budget deficits with his tax cuts and with two expensive wars. Today I read that our new President, Santa Claus, is about to make old Alfred E. look like a miser.

It appears that the House of Representative Socialists, are nearing completion of a new budget that will have a $1.4 Trillion - yes with a capital T - deficit for 2010. That pretty much embarrasses anything that the previous administration managed to borrow and spend over the past eight years in total. This budget includes making various tax cuts permanent. Haven't the Demos been screaming about the evils of tax cuts for the last 8 years? What a bunch of hypocrites! If you have been pissin' and moaning about Bush's wild spending, but suddenly stopped because now its Obama and the left hemorrhaging money, YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE TOO! Actually, you could argue that Citizen Zane should have been screaming for Bush's head too, and you are correct. I guess that the stimulus package finally sent me over the edge, so I do apologize to the Demos for appearing to bag on them for crying for years that President Bush was running up the deficit. Oh, jeez, are those the same Demos who are now gleefully spending to excess???? And the Republicans in the house who are now so outraged at the new spending while not being outraged at the old...well, you guys are hypocrites too. The whole lot of them need to go.

And herein lies the problems with our beloved two parties. On one hand, we have the Democrats who are noble, well-meaning people. They want nice housing, health care, retirement, and good jobs for all. The only problem is that those things cost money - lots of money. So when you play Santa and hand it all out to everyone who isn't producing enough to pay for it, well that money has to come from somewhere. Hmmm, let's take it from people who actually produce and drag them down to the misery level of everyone else. Can you imagine piling universal health coverage on top of Social Security, on top of Medicare, on top of all of the other handouts? Oh wait, now we need miles of red tape to make sure that everyone is safe from the evils of people who make money. That $1.4 Trillion is starting to look like chicken feed. I s'pose we have tax the hell out of anyone with a job. Guess what morons? You have now choked the goose laying the golden eggs that you have spent in advance. If I ran my household like the Democrats, I would live in a freakin' McMansion (refinanced 4 times), drive an SUV and a sports car, have exhausted my savings, run my credit cards up to the limit, and be taking the Gucci-clad family to Euro Disney next week. Oh yeah, the neighbor next door will bail me out when I'm broke and my house drops in value....wait a minute, this sounds a lot like how we got into this financial disaster in the first place!!!!!!

On the other hand we have the Republicans. Sensible folks who have a more realistic outlook on the world. They seem to understand that we need to support our producers. If fact, why don't we just tax everybody EXCEPT the people making money. Then let's legislate our morals on to everybody so that they can all be as happy and rich as we are! Woooooooo, wave that flag! While we are at it, we can pretend to be compassionate folks who care - and then waste a bunch of legislative resources in pursuit of silly ideas that don't work for everybody, but appease our far right supporters.

Is it only Citizen Zane who thinks that somewhere in the middle is the only reasonable place to park this bus? Am I the only one outraged by the continued irresponsibility of our government. Let's vote 'em out! Grab the pitchforks and torches - Citizen Zane

Monday, April 27, 2009

Nobody Messes With Joe!

I recently came across this report from the Government Accounting Office regarding the "prudent" use of the stimulus pork out warning that, "Local officials are shorthanded and some states lack proper oversight in handling...funding from the $787 billion economic stimulus. The report also revealed that three states - Florida, Georgia, and Ohio - have appropriated zero dollars for highway development despite being granted billions in road construction funds meant to spur job creation."

What???? The money is not going to create jobs???? Isn't that what the President promised us? Isn't this massive spending spree to jump start the economy? Shouldn't money for infrastructure projects be going to infrastructure? The article further goes on to state that Joe Biden argued that things are moving along just as planned. Is he serious? I am quickly reminded of the "Nobody messes with Joe" quote from the President. I even watched the video:

Sitting there with a big stupid grin that I can only call s**t-eating is the man who is going to make sure that our money is spent properly. Oh, jeez, where are my Rolaids... Maybe I'd feel better about this "oversight" if I didn't see Nancy Pelosi (is she purposely dressed like Chairman Mao for a reason?) applauding like this was the answer to all of my worries about our money not being wasted. I remember driving through Taxachusetts to a client's office, listening to the radio and gagging as this stimulus package was announced and wanting to pull over and hack up the cheeseburger I ate in Rhode Island because our Representatives are so irresponsible.

Need further proof that your money is being wasted? It took me all of five seconds to find this when I went searching for more waste of our 'stimulus' money.

Nobody messes with Joe? Things are going as planned? The President's approval ratings are above 50%? Is there anyone out there besides me who thinks that this is not going well? Guess what morons, WE HAVE TO PAY THAT $787 BILLION BACK!

So where does Citizen Zane think that the money is going? I hate to say this, but I think that the biggest thing that this stimulus package is going to stimulate is the Democrat Party's power base. Now my purpose here is NOT to promote a Republican or right-wing agenda. Those ding dongs don't care any more about you and me than the Demos do and I strongly support tossing out EVERY incumbant Republican member of Congress. The problem here is that the Republicans were completely locked out of the entire stimulus package altogether so there is no moderation or compromise in deciding how the money should be used. Those things tend to help increase the sanity level to any bill that passes through to Congress. I suppose if you actually believe in the pie-in-the-sky promises that the Demos are shoveling onto the national debt pile, well, then I suppose that you are happy with Joe, Nancy, et all. I would also argue that YOU are amazingly STUPID and NAIVE. Isn't irresponsible debt the primary cause of our current financial woes? If you think otherwise, you deserve the crappy representation you have enjoyed these past few decades and continue to enjoy today.

Joe Biden is not going to keep your money safe. You can take that to the bank - Citizen Zane

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It Sounds to Me Like America is Just Plain High

I sure hope that the majority of Americans are smarter than I am, although I have serious doubts about it. No, I take that back - I have absolultely not doubt that the majority is definitely NOT smarter. Further proof: the results of this poll I saw on Yahoo

I for one am hoping (slim as it may be) that the President does succeed and wildly so, though my measure of success will not be how many media folk kiss his ass or how his poll numbers go. My criteria will be based on 1) The size of the national debt that he has promised to halve; 2) The strength of the dollar and the US economy; 3) The amount of government intrusion into our lives; 4) Are we safer or less safe than we were before; and 4) Can he do something to reign in the out of control Congress that I propose that we vote out. Hmmmm, methinks that our leader has a big hill to climb. I'm pulling for you, Mr. President. Don't let us down!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Okay, Go Ahead and Spend a Little Here

For all of my rants against wasteful government spending. Here is a case where I think that the President and Congress may be on the right track for a change. Although I gag at the price tag, suspecting that a good third of the money will end up being wasted by abuse and corruption, I like the idea of helping people who could use some extra $$$ actually go out and work for it in a positive way that serves the community rather than line up at a window for a handout (Can we get the investment bankers to go out and pick up trash along the freeway?) - Citizen Zane

Monday, April 20, 2009

Plastic for Everyone!

My wife’s credit card bill came today. I opened the envelope, checked the balance, shuddered, and then immediately thought about my various options.

I could:
A. Read the bill and make sure that all of the charges appear reasonable
B. Not read the bill

From there, I could:
A. Pay the bill in full
B. Make a partial payment and incur interest charges
C. Not pay anything and REALLY incur the interest charges

Finally, I could decide to:
A. Let my wife keep the card
B. Cut up the card
C. Order companion cards for friends and family

Now in the case of my wife’s card, I always read the charges. Every so often something like a charge for $425 by Al’s House of Custom Wheels, or $29 for Big Jim’s Tabackey Shop will appear that doesn’t look right. If she has no idea what those charges are either, then we call Citibank to protest. Second, I always pay the bill in full – no matter what. We haven’t carried a balance on any card since 1993.

For the last option, I could always attempt to cut the card up, but the ensuing divorce would cost me about 100 times the bill, so it’s cheaper just to let it go. Besides, my wife has a consistent track record for not spending more than we can afford to spend in a month. If she plans to buy something that might be higher than usual, we sit down together and figure out if we really need it and if it fits our budget. As for the idea of sending companion cards out to miscellaneous friends and relatives…are you kidding? Who do I look like, Congress????? Hell no, I happen to be fiscally responsible.

I think of the most recent stimulus bill that the President rammed through Congress and compare it to my wife’s credit card bill, and I want to throw up. In the case of Congress, there is absolutely no consideration for paying any portion of the previous bill off. Nope, all of our friends have a companion card, and they are going to charge it to the max at every opportunity. Somebody else is going to pay it off with interest someday, but it won’t be our problem then.

It’s bad enough that Congress has no intention of paying for their wild spending spree, but it seems like nobody bothered to read the whole bill before everyone voted to pass it. HUH????? No questioning that charge from Jimbo’s House of Whores? How about the 12 year subscription to Hustler? New rims for an Escalade that we don’t own? Should we talk about whether or not we can afford to buy all of the neighbors a flat screen TV? Nah, why bother, it’s only $700 billion. Besides, the President wants it passed in a couple of days, so we have to throw it together real quick and hammer it through.

By the way, didn’t the President himself campaign on such issues as responsible spending, no earmarks, and full disclosure? Did he not break all of those promises when he blindly signed the check to pay for that boondoggle? How can the media not hold him to this? No wonder the wandering stupid among us don’t say a word. Heaven forbid that Fox News will almost sound credible when attacking the Demos on this!

Citizen Zane wonders whether it is prudent for him to hand out 100 companion cards to that can be charged to the max to irresponsible people to help stimulate the economy, and then declare bankruptcy and walk away Scott free……Hmmmm, that seems to be the government’s MO, because as sure as God made little green apples, that’s where we are heading – Citizen Zane

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Are People Really This Stupid? Suppose so...

So I'm checking on the latest injury info on my LA Angels to see who pulled a hammy today in that horrendous, bankrupt, left-wing fish wrap known as the Los Angeles Times (Editor's note: Citizen Zane also thinks right-wing rags suck too), and I come across this story:,0,3158535.story

The douche bag who wrote this opinion was questioning the sanity of the people who showed up for tax day "tea parties" to protest the government flushing their tax dollars down the toilet, claiming instead that they were Anti-Obama right wingers mindlessly following the orders of Fox News in order to protest tax hikes on millionaires. Now I can't figure out who is more stupid, the author or the editor who allowed this dribble into the paper. I noticed that there was a link for comments, and so I clicked it, expecting to see a bunch of people setting the author straight on the fact that the protests were about Congress and the President dropping trillions of dollars from helicopters (probably black ones too!) into their buddies' back yards. Yep those folks were there, but to my amazement, there were almost as many nutcases supporting the authors opinion. The basic rationale for that support seems to be:

1. George Bush screwed things up
2. George Bush wasted lots of money
3. Ha ha, the Republicans are out of power, so lets waste even more than they ever imagined
4. Obama is really cool!

Just because Alfred E. Bush sunk us into a trillion dollars worth of debt doesn't mean it makes more sense for the Almighty Obama to sink us four times deeper does it? You think? Well it seems that half of the knuckleheads responding to that article think so. Hey Stupid, guess what happens to all of that money being tossed onto the national debt pile? Yeah, we have to pay it back!

I question the sanity of anyone who questions the sanity of people wanting the government to stop this flood o' pork and waste.

The author did note that, "Nobody I know is very pleased with the billions ladled out to teetering banks and corporations. Yet a clear majority of Americans are sophisticated enough to know that these bailouts are a necessary evil and are intended -- unlike the lollipop Bush tax cuts -- not for personal profit but rather as a radical, emergency measure to help Americans keep their jobs, their homes and their retirement." Necessary evil? A $700 Billion plus 'stimulus package' allocating money to almost every pet project and left-wing political group that Congress could write into the bill before Nancy Pelosi's arm fell off from writers cramp? Necessary, no. Evil, yes.
Listen Dickweed, I have a masters degree in Finance. I graduated from the University you teach at in the top 5% of my class. I speak a foreign language that I learned from scratch while living in that country and have traveled extensively to various parts of the globe on business and for enjoyment. I read the Wall Street Journal and NOT the LA Times for everything but sports. I probably even eat at your favorite LA restaurant when I am in town, so maybe I'm almost sophisticated enough, but since I don't agree with you, well, maybe not.

Now if I were to post this same post into that comments section of the LA Socialist Times, I'd get 150 comments that I was a right wing lackey listening to Fox News, a racist, a George Bush bed mate, blah, blah, blah, because I think that the President is out of his mind. True? Nope, I'm just a guy who pays his bills and wants the government to do the same - Citizen Zane

Friday, April 17, 2009

What Would the Founding Fathers Say???

I think back to the brave men who pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to each other and to the United States of America. These great men risked EVERYTHING so that we could be free. Had they not been sucessful, there is no doubt that their property would have been lost, their families gone, and their very lives taken from them. Can you see Nancy Pelosi or any of our current crop of fools making such a committment? The Founding Fathers must be rolling over in their graves. I may be angry, but they must be fiercely PISSED at what has become of their work.

What happened to the days of Congressional compromises for the good of the nation? Now its I'll let you get away with your dubious spending project if you will bless mine - and get me a job on Fox News to supplement my rich pension when I am no longer in office. Sacred honor my ass!

These creeps make me sick. It's time to stand up and fight - one citizen at a time. Step up to the polls and vote these idiots out. If all of us who are fed up join together, we can make a difference - Citizen Zane