Monday, April 27, 2009

Nobody Messes With Joe!

I recently came across this report from the Government Accounting Office regarding the "prudent" use of the stimulus pork out warning that, "Local officials are shorthanded and some states lack proper oversight in handling...funding from the $787 billion economic stimulus. The report also revealed that three states - Florida, Georgia, and Ohio - have appropriated zero dollars for highway development despite being granted billions in road construction funds meant to spur job creation."

What???? The money is not going to create jobs???? Isn't that what the President promised us? Isn't this massive spending spree to jump start the economy? Shouldn't money for infrastructure projects be going to infrastructure? The article further goes on to state that Joe Biden argued that things are moving along just as planned. Is he serious? I am quickly reminded of the "Nobody messes with Joe" quote from the President. I even watched the video:

Sitting there with a big stupid grin that I can only call s**t-eating is the man who is going to make sure that our money is spent properly. Oh, jeez, where are my Rolaids... Maybe I'd feel better about this "oversight" if I didn't see Nancy Pelosi (is she purposely dressed like Chairman Mao for a reason?) applauding like this was the answer to all of my worries about our money not being wasted. I remember driving through Taxachusetts to a client's office, listening to the radio and gagging as this stimulus package was announced and wanting to pull over and hack up the cheeseburger I ate in Rhode Island because our Representatives are so irresponsible.

Need further proof that your money is being wasted? It took me all of five seconds to find this when I went searching for more waste of our 'stimulus' money.

Nobody messes with Joe? Things are going as planned? The President's approval ratings are above 50%? Is there anyone out there besides me who thinks that this is not going well? Guess what morons, WE HAVE TO PAY THAT $787 BILLION BACK!

So where does Citizen Zane think that the money is going? I hate to say this, but I think that the biggest thing that this stimulus package is going to stimulate is the Democrat Party's power base. Now my purpose here is NOT to promote a Republican or right-wing agenda. Those ding dongs don't care any more about you and me than the Demos do and I strongly support tossing out EVERY incumbant Republican member of Congress. The problem here is that the Republicans were completely locked out of the entire stimulus package altogether so there is no moderation or compromise in deciding how the money should be used. Those things tend to help increase the sanity level to any bill that passes through to Congress. I suppose if you actually believe in the pie-in-the-sky promises that the Demos are shoveling onto the national debt pile, well, then I suppose that you are happy with Joe, Nancy, et all. I would also argue that YOU are amazingly STUPID and NAIVE. Isn't irresponsible debt the primary cause of our current financial woes? If you think otherwise, you deserve the crappy representation you have enjoyed these past few decades and continue to enjoy today.

Joe Biden is not going to keep your money safe. You can take that to the bank - Citizen Zane

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