Thursday, April 23, 2009

It Sounds to Me Like America is Just Plain High

I sure hope that the majority of Americans are smarter than I am, although I have serious doubts about it. No, I take that back - I have absolultely not doubt that the majority is definitely NOT smarter. Further proof: the results of this poll I saw on Yahoo

I for one am hoping (slim as it may be) that the President does succeed and wildly so, though my measure of success will not be how many media folk kiss his ass or how his poll numbers go. My criteria will be based on 1) The size of the national debt that he has promised to halve; 2) The strength of the dollar and the US economy; 3) The amount of government intrusion into our lives; 4) Are we safer or less safe than we were before; and 4) Can he do something to reign in the out of control Congress that I propose that we vote out. Hmmmm, methinks that our leader has a big hill to climb. I'm pulling for you, Mr. President. Don't let us down!

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