Sunday, April 19, 2009

Are People Really This Stupid? Suppose so...

So I'm checking on the latest injury info on my LA Angels to see who pulled a hammy today in that horrendous, bankrupt, left-wing fish wrap known as the Los Angeles Times (Editor's note: Citizen Zane also thinks right-wing rags suck too), and I come across this story:,0,3158535.story

The douche bag who wrote this opinion was questioning the sanity of the people who showed up for tax day "tea parties" to protest the government flushing their tax dollars down the toilet, claiming instead that they were Anti-Obama right wingers mindlessly following the orders of Fox News in order to protest tax hikes on millionaires. Now I can't figure out who is more stupid, the author or the editor who allowed this dribble into the paper. I noticed that there was a link for comments, and so I clicked it, expecting to see a bunch of people setting the author straight on the fact that the protests were about Congress and the President dropping trillions of dollars from helicopters (probably black ones too!) into their buddies' back yards. Yep those folks were there, but to my amazement, there were almost as many nutcases supporting the authors opinion. The basic rationale for that support seems to be:

1. George Bush screwed things up
2. George Bush wasted lots of money
3. Ha ha, the Republicans are out of power, so lets waste even more than they ever imagined
4. Obama is really cool!

Just because Alfred E. Bush sunk us into a trillion dollars worth of debt doesn't mean it makes more sense for the Almighty Obama to sink us four times deeper does it? You think? Well it seems that half of the knuckleheads responding to that article think so. Hey Stupid, guess what happens to all of that money being tossed onto the national debt pile? Yeah, we have to pay it back!

I question the sanity of anyone who questions the sanity of people wanting the government to stop this flood o' pork and waste.

The author did note that, "Nobody I know is very pleased with the billions ladled out to teetering banks and corporations. Yet a clear majority of Americans are sophisticated enough to know that these bailouts are a necessary evil and are intended -- unlike the lollipop Bush tax cuts -- not for personal profit but rather as a radical, emergency measure to help Americans keep their jobs, their homes and their retirement." Necessary evil? A $700 Billion plus 'stimulus package' allocating money to almost every pet project and left-wing political group that Congress could write into the bill before Nancy Pelosi's arm fell off from writers cramp? Necessary, no. Evil, yes.
Listen Dickweed, I have a masters degree in Finance. I graduated from the University you teach at in the top 5% of my class. I speak a foreign language that I learned from scratch while living in that country and have traveled extensively to various parts of the globe on business and for enjoyment. I read the Wall Street Journal and NOT the LA Times for everything but sports. I probably even eat at your favorite LA restaurant when I am in town, so maybe I'm almost sophisticated enough, but since I don't agree with you, well, maybe not.

Now if I were to post this same post into that comments section of the LA Socialist Times, I'd get 150 comments that I was a right wing lackey listening to Fox News, a racist, a George Bush bed mate, blah, blah, blah, because I think that the President is out of his mind. True? Nope, I'm just a guy who pays his bills and wants the government to do the same - Citizen Zane


  1. The problem is that we cant do anything about it. If you try to organize any action..then you are a right-wing extremist or a domestic terrorist and are dismissed accordingly or even worse. The fact that I put this in writing has most certainly raised a red flag at NSA and they are currently tracking my IP address to implement surveillance.
    Pitchforks and torches is what is required but the movement must have no identifiable leader to be sacrificed and must come about by word of mouth with no recordable or written evidence to allow the powers that be to prepare for it.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for your comment - and apologies for mixing you up with the NSA! Your first line says it all. I remember feeling physically ill when the stimulus bill passed because I felt completely helpless to prevent those fools from wasting our money. What was I going to tell my little boy when he asked me what I tried to do to prevent the insanity that this will all be recognized as in future years? Hence the blog. I may be crazy, but for every voter who joins me to send a message to Congress, we all get one step closer to taking back our government. As for the recordable evidence...well, its too late for me now. I'll just keep on pulling the fire alarm until they come to take me away. At least Gitmo will be shut down! Citizen Zane

  3. I am in total agreement with you and your writings. I also am of the opinion that if the American People weren't so stupid/uninformed/complacent/unintelligent/lazy/whiny/etc., something could be done. WE the PEOPLE have the power. I enjoy your blog. Thank you.