Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where Did the Outrage Go?

It wasn't so long ago that it seemed like everybody was jumping all over former President Alfred E. Bush for running up huge budget deficits with his tax cuts and with two expensive wars. Today I read that our new President, Santa Claus, is about to make old Alfred E. look like a miser.


It appears that the House of Representative Socialists, are nearing completion of a new budget that will have a $1.4 Trillion - yes with a capital T - deficit for 2010. That pretty much embarrasses anything that the previous administration managed to borrow and spend over the past eight years in total. This budget includes making various tax cuts permanent. Haven't the Demos been screaming about the evils of tax cuts for the last 8 years? What a bunch of hypocrites! If you have been pissin' and moaning about Bush's wild spending, but suddenly stopped because now its Obama and the left hemorrhaging money, YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE TOO! Actually, you could argue that Citizen Zane should have been screaming for Bush's head too, and you are correct. I guess that the stimulus package finally sent me over the edge, so I do apologize to the Demos for appearing to bag on them for crying for years that President Bush was running up the deficit. Oh, jeez, are those the same Demos who are now gleefully spending to excess???? And the Republicans in the house who are now so outraged at the new spending while not being outraged at the old...well, you guys are hypocrites too. The whole lot of them need to go.

And herein lies the problems with our beloved two parties. On one hand, we have the Democrats who are noble, well-meaning people. They want nice housing, health care, retirement, and good jobs for all. The only problem is that those things cost money - lots of money. So when you play Santa and hand it all out to everyone who isn't producing enough to pay for it, well that money has to come from somewhere. Hmmm, let's take it from people who actually produce and drag them down to the misery level of everyone else. Can you imagine piling universal health coverage on top of Social Security, on top of Medicare, on top of all of the other handouts? Oh wait, now we need miles of red tape to make sure that everyone is safe from the evils of people who make money. That $1.4 Trillion is starting to look like chicken feed. I s'pose we have tax the hell out of anyone with a job. Guess what morons? You have now choked the goose laying the golden eggs that you have spent in advance. If I ran my household like the Democrats, I would live in a freakin' McMansion (refinanced 4 times), drive an SUV and a sports car, have exhausted my savings, run my credit cards up to the limit, and be taking the Gucci-clad family to Euro Disney next week. Oh yeah, the neighbor next door will bail me out when I'm broke and my house drops in value....wait a minute, this sounds a lot like how we got into this financial disaster in the first place!!!!!!

On the other hand we have the Republicans. Sensible folks who have a more realistic outlook on the world. They seem to understand that we need to support our producers. If fact, why don't we just tax everybody EXCEPT the people making money. Then let's legislate our morals on to everybody so that they can all be as happy and rich as we are! Woooooooo, wave that flag! While we are at it, we can pretend to be compassionate folks who care - and then waste a bunch of legislative resources in pursuit of silly ideas that don't work for everybody, but appease our far right supporters.

Is it only Citizen Zane who thinks that somewhere in the middle is the only reasonable place to park this bus? Am I the only one outraged by the continued irresponsibility of our government. Let's vote 'em out! Grab the pitchforks and torches - Citizen Zane

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