Saturday, June 20, 2009

National Health Care - The Straw That Breaks the Camel's Back

I have to admit, I became physically ill when the "stimulus" bill passed Congress because I knew that we were basically going to flush hundreds of billions of dollars down the toilet in the name of rescuing the economy. I didn't think that anything could ever top that monstrosity as the biggest mistake this side of the Iraq War, but now I have read that the House of Representatives has just topped the stimulus bill and the war combined in one fell swoop. WARNING: The picture attached to this article includes the horrific mug of Nancy Pelosi - view with caution.

I for one would be thrilled if we could actually have health care reform. Again, I describe health care reform as insuring more people while lowering costs and NOT increasing the national debt. What the clowns in the House are pushing as "reform" will certainly insure more people, but the cost will be the final straw that breaks Treasury's back.

What I can't figure out is why Congress and the President think that it is such a good idea to rush any old plan through? If Citizen Zane were to reform health care, I would first put together a committee of industry stakeholders representing insurers, drug companies, doctors, patients, taxpayers, employers, and (oops gagged for a second) the trial lawyers. Oh yeah, toss a few Congress folks in there too. How about a nice mix of three Democrats and three Republicans. I'm sure that I'm missing somebody in there, but Committee would be smart enough to add them. Then I would look at models from other countries and see what works, and how all of the stakeholders could compromise on different points and actually come up with a plan that makes the most sense. Then we have to figure out how to pay for it.

What we are going to get is a bunch of STUPID pie-in-the sky ideas from the far left that are going to cost trillions and provide shi**y care for everyone. I like how the Dems are casting the Republicans as the Party of No. Guess why they say "NO" to everything? Because you are so far out on the edge of fantasy land with your legislation that they would be irresponsible not to. Want a better plan? Don't lock the Republicans out because 1/4 of what they say may actually make sense and improve the dipstick plan that you are going to hammer down our throats.

Here is the other outrageously large problem that Congress is conveniently ignoring. Health care is expensive because there are a lot of cost drivers that make it expensive to provide. Let's put together a quick and dirty list, shall we?
  • Malpractice insurance and the need for doctors to perform unnecessary procedures to CYA
  • The cost of drugs: R&D and clinical trials cost $$$$$ and drug companies are going to cut it off if they don't make a return on their investments.
  • Illegal immigrants and the indigent leaching off of the system without paying in.
  • The cost in time and money to become a doctor (my buddy is $250K in debt and still in residency - think he wants to be a govt. employee??).
  • Equipment, labs, supplies, etc.
  • Profit for insurance administration

I'm sure that this list is the tip of the iceberg too. The problem I have is that Congress has to address ideas for cutting into those massive costs before signing up 40 million new people to add to them. I have heard that a public option will drive down costs by eliminating the profit the insurance providers and administrators earn. This makes me laugh out loud! The government is going to be that efficient? The government employees will be the usual barely-care winners we get at the DMV who are surly, slow, and don't care if they get anything done. Oh yeah, full pension and health benefits too please! Trust me, the private sector and their profit will cost us a lot less. Add that on top of the brilliant method used by the government to select those who will benefit from the nationalization of health care (click below for further outrage and inconvenient truth).

Another major problem: Who is going to pay for this boondoggle? So far, Congress hasn't figured that out. Guess what? I have. If you are on this list, consider yourself fairly warned:

  • Currently insured
  • Taxpayer
  • Employer

Chances are, there won't be enough blood to suck from the above noted list and the remainder will be tossed onto the mountain of national debt. The final effect will be to either break the unfortunate listed above or the Treasury. Yep, when we add another trillion or two on top of the mess that is already projected to be spent in deficit, only fools will continue to loan us money. At that point, the treasury will add a few printing presses and the dollar will fall like a piano out a six-story window. Mmmmm, back to Jimmy Carter inflation and interest rates. Go back and look at the Pelosi photo again. It is only slightly less horrifying than the results of her handiwork - Citizen Zane


  1. You should read Senator Gregg's proposal (if you haven't already). It's simple, straightforward, and has a chance of succeeding.;_ylt=AuSxXwNLZcBTJGsg0SdtzjIGw_IE;_ylu=X3oDMTE2NDVhOHVqBHBvcwMyBHNlYwN5bi1yLWItbGVmdARzbGsDLW9wLWVkY29udHJp

  2. Stephen,
    Thank you for the link and for the comment. I like the idea of addressing preventive care and controlling costs, but I am still scared snotless about the cost to ensure all who can't afford coverage and whether the cost savings will come close to covering them. Considering that the proposal came from a Republican senator almost dooms it from the start, despite its superiority to the nonsense we are seeing so far from the House. I will certainly keep my eye on this proposal and see if any of its merits are adopted into the final disaster Congress concocts. We can only hope!

  3. Healthcare right now is the diversion from the other problems emerging. HR2454 passed 219-212; this "energy bill" is a cap-and-trade that will skyrocket all energy costs so high that our families will suffer. In addition, Obama says that we cannot legally put tariffs on other countries bringing in goods and energy cheaper; the result? Our companies go out of business, just as they have in Europe.
    Energy costs have skyrockets, businesses are failing because China (who doesn't care about emissions) can undersell anyone. And we're supposed to believe we will RECOVER?
    Healthcare is important, but right now the energy bill and the "CARD CHECK" bill will be our demise. With Card check, the government will have their hand in ALL new businesses, making sure they are set up "fairly." Guess how many businesses will start? Not to mention, there will be no employee right to a private vote in a union.

    You're right...this country is headed for the toilet. If we don't educate everyone about the Constitution and the founding of our country, we will be in bondage.

  4. Dawn,
    Thank you for stopping in and your comment. I used your link in my next posting regarding cap and trade and checked out your blog. All of us are fighting an uphill battle, but the more people understand the nonsense going in on in Washington, the better our chances to make a difference.