Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vote John Murtha Out Now!

I have to admit it. I absolutely HATE John Murtha. There, I said it. That may save me from 12 hours of therapy at $120/hr in the future. I hadn't heard of this noble Representitive from Pennsylvania until I found out about his rediculous airport which is a black hole for taxpayer dollars. I included that boondogle in an earlier post

Then today, I come accross this beauty:

Okay, the headline is a bit more scandalous than the actual content of the article (the guys involved were convicted several years ago and served their time). However, it turns out that they are still shady characters who have "allegedly" defrauded the government in their vast dealings with our tax dollars. Dollars, I might add, that were funneled to their enterprise as earmarks by that distinguished gentleman, John Murtha. Will I be shocked if I hear that Murtha received campaign donations from these guys or his relatives are somehow involved with these dealings? Nope, I will be shocked if that isn't the case. Obviously, Mr. Murtha is a spender/waster guy who sucks up our tax dollars and funnels them to his district to be wasted or to line the pockets of his supporters. Can we afford to keep creeps like him in office? Hey Pennslyvania, grow a pair and kick his a** out of Congress! - Citizen Zane

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