Saturday, July 18, 2009

Whoa....Slow Down Cowboy!

I came across this article that explains that some Democrats in the House are not exactly enamored with the current health care "reform" bill.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a little sanity from the left side of the aisle. Despite the fact that the President and his supporters are referring to the proposed changes in health care as "reform", they are not even coming close to doing any actual reform that I can see. How can adding several million people on to the government's health care plan and having a bunch of other people pay for it be considered reform? Thinking back to my Social Studies class during my junior year of high school, we called that Socialism, not reform. I suppose that "reform" makes it sound like we are going to get something really great to the uniformed and the clinically stupid.

The problem with the current bill under construction was clearly pointed out by the Congressional Budget Office - it does nothing to slow the growth in health spending. I've heard various estimates on what the shortfall would be that the taxpayers would have to pick up after we sock it to the wealthy. Let me tell you a secret. Despite Nancy Pelosi's claim that there will be substantial savings built into the plan, THIS BILL IS GOING TO BANKRUPT US!!! Was that subtle enough?

If the government wanted to truly reform health care, it would be focusing on the various cost drivers that are causing year-to-year costs to spiral like they have. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers to bringing those costs under control. Anyone who tells you that eliminating the private insurers who are trying to turn a profit and replacing them with a benevolent government agency is going to reduce the costs of health care is either too stupid to fog a mirror, lying through their teeth, or feels obligated to believe it because the Democrats are always right (go back and test that fog a mirror thing on yourself ding dong). Congress doesn't want to make hard decisions and work through thorny problems. They want a quick bill that spreads some cash to the greasy palms of their friends and strengthens their supporters desire to reelect them. That's why at the end of the day, we will all get stuck with sh**ty health care and another mountain of taxes and debt.

I WANT health care reform. The President is absolutely darn tootin' correct that health care costs and our nations delivery system are insane. However, being in such a rush to get any old stupid a** legislation passed and trumpeting it as reform is even more insane than our current situation. Slow down, Cowboy. Let's all take our time and make sure that before we jump over this cliff that there is a pile of soft mattresses down there to catch us. Take an honest look at what is driving the costs and address them first. Then come back to us with a plan to add a few more million into the insurance pool. I realize that the President wants something rammed through the House right away that nobody looks at before his approval rating dips again, but only a fool would rush in to something of this scope and complexity without being sure. Oh jeez...I just remembered who is on the Hill. Kind of feels like the time I thought that marrying that girl six years older than me with two kids, a drug problem, and a credit score of 350 would be a good idea because she looked good in a short skirt and sling-back heels and everyone would congratulate me because my wife was hot. Vegas was only a 4 1/2 hour drive away at the time....Citizen Zane.

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