Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ding-Dong Demos Dip Double Digits?

Well, this is certainly a headline that I can get behind. I suppose my own personal conservative fiscal tendencies tend to make me cringe when the Democrats start planning the myriad of ways to spend my tax dollars out to 140 years beyond where I have earned the paycheck to be taxed, so I will sleep better when they are no longer in total control of both houses and the presidency. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that the opposition is going to give us any better representation.

I would honestly like to see both parties with significant losses in the 2010 elections. The last thing that we need are more Representatives who are beholden to the party that got them elected and obligated to vote down party lines instead of for their constituents. My rep is so far up Nancy Pelosi's arse that she farts every time Nancy eats chili. I can predict her vote on any issue by listening to Nancy, regardless of what the people she represents want. I'm sure that there are similar drones from both major parties who mindlessly wander around the halls of Congress taking orders from party big-wigs, dangerously tacking dubious spending projects onto every bill and grandstanding for or against this thing are that when the cameras are rolling.

Ask yourself: Do the men and women of Congress:
Care more about the USA or their own political party?
Care more about the Citizens of the United States or about their own re-elections?
Pay more attention to lobbyists with goodies or letters from their constituents?

Hmmmm, seems pretty obvious to me. Now ask yourself:
Do I always line up with one party or the other, rationalizing away valid points made by the opposition while finding some reason to support the side that I cheer for?
Can I find a zillion reasons why the other side is responsible for the mess we are in and rationalize away my side's contributions to the disaster?

The truth is: Both parties have lost touch with the wishes of the people. They bicker and strut about, dividing us this way or that while passing just enough horrendous legislation that we don't need to keep their own palms greased. All the while we stupidly continue to vote for that same party that we have voted for the past upteen years because we have convinced ourselves that they are morally/fiscally/socially taking the high ground on all the issues and the other side is a bunch of nuts. We deserve the horrible representation that we receive and the mess that we are in because we goshdang ask for it year after year. You lazy asses out there - get to the polls and start voting these incompetent fools out of office until they put the people first - Citizen Zane

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