Wednesday, September 23, 2009

President Obama Swinging for Windmills

Exiting Grand Central station this morning, I was greeted with an almost unending parade of police cars and other assorted vehicles with flashing lights moving down 42nd street toward the United Nations building. I’m not surprised by the security. After all, the President of the United States and various other world leaders are gathering today at the Don Quixote festival in honor of climate change.

I have to admit, this climate change thing was much more appealing to me when it was called global warming – especially after the atrocious winter that we enjoyed in the Northeast last year. It kind of gave me some hope. The thing that I can’t quite figure out is that now that it is no longer global warming, is there some kind of target climate that we are trying to hit out there? What if we cut down on greenhouse emissions to the point that we miss out on some really great weather one year or a hurricane that wouldn’t have happened comes crashing into the Gulf Coast? Would we really be able to tell either way? I am hoping that the President’s Climate Czar can dial up some rain for Southern California to combat the wild fires, but am not holding my breath. The knuckleheads in the Obama administration have a better chance of dialing up a good economy on demand than good weather.

The thing that is really laughable about this whole climate summit is that all of these developing countries like China and India are stepping up and proclaiming their commitment to cutting emissions. Yeah, and I’ll believe that windmills will be powering the electric shock therapy equipment at the “re-education” center that I am locked up in some day. I still hold that the best way to cut down on total pollution is to LOWER regulations for manufacturers in the US and slash the red tape involved with running a business over here. Can you imagine the outcry that would come crashing down on any manufacturer here that polluted like its Chinese counterpart? We’d tar and feather the slobs and run them out of town on a rail. The more we manufacture at home, the less we would demand from countries that pollute the sh** out of the environment and inefficiently use the world’s resources. I’ll bet that would do more good for climate change than any stupid cap and trade scheme. We would even have that odd side effect of creating more jobs and wealth in the US instead of shipping it overseas. Hey Mr. President, put that idea in your windmill and smoke it – Citizen Zane


  1. But don't forget all the jobs that will not be returning from overseas, will be replaced at any moment with all those "green jobs" that are being created now by the decree issued several months ago.

  2. Dear Ananymous,
    I'm scared to think that there are people out there (including my Congresswoman) who actually think that will happen. When the idea of the government creating "green jobs" comes up, the only thing that I can picture is the added staff needed to print more dollar bills - Citizen Zane