Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Can We Make Taxes Voluntary???

Have you ever gone to dinner with a bunch of co-workers who know that the company is going to be picking up the tab? You will never spot a happier group of people. The last time my company got together for dinner on the boss's dime, it reminded me of the U.S. Congress in action. Bottle after bottle of expensive wine and imported beer, appitizers for everyone, more alcohol, steaks and chops, another bottle of wine, and then dessert. I think that Heineken actually sent us a thank you card afterward. It didn't help that the boss couldn't make it and would have no idea about who ordered or spent what. It made me sick.

If the pigs at that trough had actually been footing the bill themselves, how many bottles of $6 beer whould ol' Billy Bob have consumed? Yep, zero. That's like Congress. If their own states actually had to foot the bill for their largess, do you think that they would be spending us into oblivion? I have a solution for this freeloader problem: when congress wants to appropriate additional spending for some pie-in-the-sky project, the tax payers should have the option to vote on whether or not they would individually like to contribute to that project and their tax returns would be adjusted accordingly. Basic national defense, infrastructure (no not diverting infrastructure money to pet projects), and other essentials are mandatory, but everything else optional. Do you think that Jimbo Spender would propose useless pork-barrel projects if the tax payers had to approve individually? Me neither. The other benefit to this plan would be that all of the noble liberals could fund their silly utopian dreams and all of the conservative wing-bolts could pay for military action in the third world. Barbara Streisand can afford to cover Citizen Zane's health insurance. Maybe I'll move into her guesthouse too.

Now here's the secret.................We do have that power!!!! Yep, it is WE THE F**KING PEOPLE who still have power over Congress, though barely. We just have to USE it. Vote every last one of them out and send a message that WE are mad as hell, and we aren't going to take it anymore - Citizen Zane.


  1. Well CZ, IMHO, you are continually providing excellent info/knowledge, the power and the anger are already there, my hope is that the votes will follow. Keep up the good work!

  2. Anonymous,

    Thank you for the comment. I will continue to swat at this windmill until I am carted away in a rubber truck! Citizen Zane

  3. Take a swat at these comments!! Please,I think they could use a suggestion or 2 from you, especially the socialists!


  4. Couldn't pass up on quotes like those. Thank you for teeing them up for me - Citizen Zane