Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Owe the President and Congress an Apology!

Yes, even Citizen Zane is wrong on occasion. Here I have been pounding our honorable elected officials about the stimulus money being wasted and such, when suddenly, I came across this article that proves that jobs are being created as a result.

It seems like counties, towns, and other government organizations need to hire help to handle the paperwork involved with securing a spot at the government trough. This newly created job mentioned in the article has inspired me to do my part to keep the ball roling. I plan to pay myself to mow my backyard this Saturday. That will create a new job too! Everyone, get off your lazy arses and get out and create some new jobs just like me! With all of our newfound production, we will have this economy back and rolling in no time - Citizen Zane


  1. Get out your crayons and pencils... it seems to still be amateur hour. By the time the economic bureaucratic machine is "lubed", the economy will have been self corrected(albeit with help that has already been given to stabilize the greedy financial institutions).
    I just walked past a group of city workers fixing a large sinkhole today. Even in this current "cutback" economy, it was nice to see one guy working while six were watching diligently.
    No worries here. I guess things are better than we think.... maybe I will hear of these new developments on the news tonight.

  2. Careful are going to give city workers a bad name. I'm sure that at least one of those observers was carrying a clipboard! Citizen Zane