Monday, May 4, 2009

The Slopfest in On!

With the stimulus money being fed into the national trough and the Presidents proposed budget lining up right behind, the pigs have come runnin' to eat from miles around. I ran into this gem of an article that notes that cities and counties from around the nation are hiring lobbyists to help them get what they all seem to describe as a "fair share" of the overflowing supply of federal government slop. Sooo-eeeeey!!!!

Now I don't blame the town of Podunk, Mississippi for making a grab at the money. Its available for anyone who can get a piece. I do blame Congress. Is it just me or wasn't the stimulus money supposed to go toward upgrading our infrastructure, investing in energy, and in creating new jobs??? Wasn't there a plan in place for targeted spending BEFORE we allocated that money? Thank God that Joe Biden is there to make sure that the money is appropriated in a judicious manner! I can only imagine the trucks that we are going to need to haul the slop when the Presidents budget passes.

Guess what folks, with all of this slop going to the pigs of Farmers Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, what do you think is going to happen to the other farms out there that actually operate efficiently, are run by judicious landowners, and have producing employees who earn a fair wage? Yep, they are going to be crowded out - and have to send a few sacks of their hard won feed and some of their water rights over to Animal Farm as tribute. This porky pandemic is far worse than the swine flu that may take a few of us - it is going to drag us all down into the mud. Am I redundantly becoming redundant by saying the same things over and over? It is because I am fed up - time to stop the pork. Vote 'em all out - Citizen Zane

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